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Head Offices of Banks In Nigeria
Listed Below are names and contact information for major financial institutions in Nigeria. Please note that this list is by no means complete and many other institutions exist or have closed shop. This list is provided as a public service of We disclaim any liability resulting from using this list.

104 Banks Listed.

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  Commercial Bank (Credit Lyonnais) Ltd.    Lagos  Commercial Bank
  Commercial Bank of Africa Ltd.    Lagos  Commercial Bank
  Consolidated Discounts Ltd.    Lagos  Discount House
  Co-operative Bank Plc.    Ibadan  Commercial Bank
  Co-operative Dev. Bank of Nigeria Ltd.    Akwa Ibom  Commercial Bank
  Corporate Affairs Commission    Abuja  Securities
  Devcom Merchant Bank Ltd.    Lagos  Merchant Bank
  Diamond Bank Ltd.    Lagos  Commercial Bank
  Ecobank Nig. Plc.    Lagos  Commercial Bank
  Eko International Bank of Nig. Plc    Lagos  Commercial Bank
  Equitorial Trust Bank Ltd.    Lagos  Commercial Bank
  Equity Bank of Nig. Ltd.    Lagos  Commercial Bank
  Express Discount Limited    Lagos  Discount House
  FBN (Merchant Bankers) Ltd.    Lagos  Merchant Bank
  Fidelity Union Merchant Bank Ltd.    Lagos  Merchant Bank
  First Bank of Nigeria Plc.    Lagos  Commercial Bank
  First City Merchant Bank Ltd.    Lagos  Merchant Bank
  First Interstate Merchant Bank Nig. Ltd.    Lagos  Merchant Bank
  First Securities Discount House    Lagos  Discount House
  Fountain Trust Merchant Bank Ltd.    Lagos  Merchant Bank

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